A chance for revenge? (hypothesis)


                                              A chance for revenge? (hypothesis)

Surprise, surprise - shocking news – Putin will again run for president. (John McCain)

Crisis of confidence


Crisis of confidence

If there was a competition of liars, the winner would be the one telling the truth.. (Ilia Ilf) 


Any system always seeks internal balance and stability. Otherwise it risks to be destroyed. Social life, as well as nature, has a sense of measure. Defects in the political systems at first create some tension, collect destructive potential, and in the end they transform into аforce that destroys the whole system.


Winter 2011/2012 assignment


Winter 2011/2012 assignment


You can trust him – he is sincere in hatred, greed, envy. (Neyah)

Innocent until proven guilty! 15 days left to stop the Belarussian executions.

Last April 11th, an explosion tore through a Minsk subway, killing 14 people and injuring over 200. Two Belarussians, Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou, were convicted for the terrorist act and are slated for execution in just two weeks, on November 30th.

Many Belarussians believe the two men were subject to an unfair, sensational trial bereft of hard evidence of their guilt. These pending executions are a violation of their human rights, a stain on justice system of Belarus and an outrage to people all over the world.

Please sign this petition and ask your friends to join us in demanding that the executions of Kanavalau and Kavalyou be halted immediately.

Strange things and strange words

The accident at the nuclear plant, "Fukushima - 1" creates an ambiguous background for the visit of Prime Minister of Russia in Minsk. There is no doubt that nuclear power remains extremely dangerous and the interest of Minsk in its own "peaceful atom" is largely a political issue. Meanwhile, the decision of allocating a loan for construction of Belarusian nuclear power plant is the most important for tomorrow's scheduled Union Council of Ministers, headed by Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Myasnikovich. The positions of parties are well known and in this case much depends on Moscow: either Russia  limits itself with allocating $  6 billion for the construction of nuclear power plant, most of which will finance the production of plant equipment at Russian plants;  or the sum of $  9 billion will appear, that will provide an infusion into the Belarusian economy of about $ 3 billion under the pretext of building "infrastructure" (the amount is overstated by at least an order) - the question of "6-9."

"Credit Path"

Official Minsk, and the entire country with it, are literally frozen waiting for the outcome of the negotiations on the next Russian loan. This is not for the first time ... year after year, from the time when Belarus got its independence, we can observe the same pattern: the Republican government again and again travels to Moscow to beg for money again, gas, oil, markets and technologies. In parallel, in Minsk at the very high level, directors, the banking sector of Belarus, not hiding anxiety, are awaiting the outcome of the next session of the integration "dance" aimed at extracting resources. The tension is extremely high, because as a rule, loans and profits from the processing of cheap energy resources, that haven’t been received yet, have already been distributed and successfully shared before.

Assignment for spring 2011. Part 2

On March 25 - another anniversary of BNR was very well celebrated - dozens of people gathered at Yanka Kupala Park and about three hundred heroes-nationalists gathered at the monument of another classic writer of the Belarusian literature Yakub Kolas. This is almost everything that the Belarusian opposition could mobilize three months after the events of 19 December. In fact, dissidents came out into the streets, and they were immediately "packed" into paddy wagons.

Plan for spring 2011. Part 1

The arrival of V. Putin - Russian prime minister to Minsk marked the end of the winter political season. In spite of the fact, that even the official Belarusian mass media described V. Putin as being rather alerted, what completely disproves the version of the Belarusian authorities on cloudless relations between Moscow and Minsk, he was greeted very cordially.

As usual, Belarusian government started to blunder on trifles and slips of the tongue. In particular, some traditional photos of V. Putin and A. Lukashenko shaking hands, that were published on March 16 on the front pages of Belarusian most popular newspapers, ideally demonstrated the genuine understanding of the Russian role in the fourth term legitimization of the permanent and irremovable Belarusian leader and in the economic stability insurance in the republic by Belarusian authorities.

Challenges of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space within the Eurasian Economics Community (report)

XII International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Economics and Society Development (Moscow, 5-8 April 2011)

A. Suzdaltsev, Head of Section H-03 "The regional dimension of international political processes."

Topic: Challenges of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space within the Eurasian Economics Community.