On July 12, 2013 Economic Information Agency "Prime» reported that according to the calculation of purchasing - power parity (PPP), Russia ranked fifth among the top ten of the world economies, giving way to the United States, China, India and Japan, but ahead of all European states, including Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. According to the PPP, the Russian economy in June 2013 is equal to $ 3.4 trillion, in other words 21% of the U.S. economy (but the number of the U.S. population is twice as much as Russian), 27% of China's economy (population is greater than in Russia is almost 10 times), 75% of the economy of Japan (population less than in Russia on 8 - 9%) and exceeds the Belarusian economy in 25 times (the difference in the size of the population is 15 times).

Egyptian force

We saw a curious coincidence in the middle of last week: tanks in the streets of Minsk and Cairo. We can not say that it looked very impressive, as in the heart of Europe and in the capital of the Arab world we saw armored metal, which would frighten only the street crowd, but not modern anti-tank systems.

Joint responsibility

Another protest action took place in Belarus on June 27 - Belarusian entrepreneurs, who are working in numerous markets of the country, held a strike. The need to comply with a 2012 technical regulations of the Customs Union on the products of the light industry was a formal reason for such an acute social conflict. According to the entrepreneurs, these regulations put into question the issue of survival of a considerable part of the Belarusian society - the people, involved mostly in retail trade.

Summit of cunning fellows

In the morning of June 19 channel "Euronews" showed the meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, and in fact gave the Belarusian-Ukrainian summit status of European event. However, the Belarusian president was in a campaign with the FEMEN girls...

Reflections on the future. Part 5

Gradually, but surely, every authoritarian regime gets a kind of mystical halo over itself. It is worth remembering fantastic image of the Emperor of the Central African Empire, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, or legends that surround the image of Muammar Gaddafi during his life and even after the death. Mystique around the Kim family has its roots in the ancient Korean myths. These phantasmagoric illusions should strengthen public confidence in the irremovability and the ekklesia of the local ruling elite, headed by another "father of the nation”.

The task for the summer 2013. Part 2.

During the Second World War, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, regularly speaking at the Parliament with the analysis of the course of armed hostilities, traditionally said that Adolf Hitler was untalented pseudo commander, who would lose because of his own mistakes. For his happiness, A. Lukashenko has no such arrant and irreconcilable foreign enemy as the former British Prime minister. However, the Belarusian president gives us many reasons for the political sarcasm. Sometimes the actions of the head of the Belarusian State cause a sensation of pity.

The task for the summer 2013. Part 1.

Summer has begun, but the political season both in the EU and the post-Soviet territory is still in full swing. It directly affects the international positions of the official  Minsk. Of course, it is interesting to see how the march of homosexuality in Europe coincides with the gradual lifting of sanctions and all sorts of restrictions against Belarus. No one doubts in Europe that the EU should open its borders for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makey.

Reflections on the future. Part 4.

China has introduced economic sanctions against North Korea. Of course, these sanctions are not comprehensive and do not break the relations between the two countries, but, nevertheless, they are very painful, as relate to the maintenance of the North Korean accounts in Chinese banks. However, these sanctions are very effective. In fact, Pyongyang was excluded from the global financial system. This fact could bring down its already weak economy.

Reflections on the future. Part 3.

The Kremlin dismissed Vladislav Surkov. This long-awaited for someone event is a start of a large-scale political intrigue, which is actively growing now among the Russian political class. The resignation of the top Russian official caused contradictory responses in the neighboring countries. Ukrainian, Kazakh, Georgian, Moldavian media not only responded to the news from the Kremlin, but also commented it actively. Only Minsk is silent ... It's curious, as, usually, the Belarusian state print and electronic media comment personnel changes in the Kremlin and the Russian White House very actively, gloating over the fate of the Russian officials, who criticized the Belarusian leadership for its demands. By the way, it is worth to remind some people that Prikhodko is back ... However, he did not dissapear for a long time. But Minsk did not comment the fate of Vladislav Surkov ...

Reflections on the future. Part 2.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did not play for the amateur hockey team in the tournament, which took place in Sochi. It is interesting that despite well-known Belarusian sports sign ("If the president attends the game, Belarusians will necessarily lose"), the absence of A. Lukashenko did not save the team of the President of Belarus from the shame. Sochi tournament has clearly showed that there is no amateur hockey in Belarus. There are traditions to organize fixed games on the principle «Don't be avaricious, let Alexandr Lukashenko shoot a goal».