Stable scandal

From the one side, long-term observation of the Russian - Belarusian relations allow to say that they have definitely cyclical character, and from the other side, taking into account a range of external and internal factors, the steps of the «partners» may be predicted in the framework of the possible scenarios. In this case the problem is that from year to year the number of scenarios reduces and the «Belarusian issue» is gradually becoming a European equivalent of the North Korean problem: world's information space is just waiting for the scandals from the official Minsk.

The task for the fall 2013. Part III.

CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) summit will take place in Sochi, the third, the southern capital of Russia on Monday, September 23, 2013. As it was announced earlier, there would be no a separate meeting between Russian and Belarusian presidents, by the way, the meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries at the Eurasian Council of Ministers (September 24) was not planned too. That endangers all the attempts of the Belarusian leadership to solve its numerous problems. The main problem is money. Belarusian authorities need money urgently and according to last analytical calculations - not less than 2 billion dollars a year (in August they needed not less than 1.5 billion dollars).

The task for the fall 2013. Part II.

From Monday (September 9), the official Minsk was covered by a wave of euphoria. The highest nomenclature, headed by the Belarusian president came to the conclusion that the potash conflict with Moscow has ended with a convincing victory of the Belarusian side. Indeed, looking ahead, it should be noted that some facts said that Russia has made some concessions. Although there are and counter doubts…

The task for the fall 2013

Summer, of course, is over, and, as it was planned, it could only end in scandal. On June 10, 2013 in the article «The task for the Summer 2013» the author of these lines wrote, «In order to achieve the fifth term in office, which will provide A. Lukashenko rule in quarter of a century, and which has a sacred character in the mind of the Belarusian president, Belarusian president needs huge resources. In fact, A. Lukashenko should buy his fifth term from the Republic, or, in other words, to exchange resources for legitimacy. It's very difficult, as there are no internal resources to legitimize the fifth term. He may get them only from foreign sources - Russia or China. Alexander Lukashenko has really incredible task  - to receive loans and resources by hedge or by stile. But how?»

«Hold in check»

A small kiosk, that sold exclusively notorious candies of the company «Roshen», was situated  in a pedestrian crossing near the Kursk railway station (Moscow). Once a month, a very talkative saleswoman, sent to my office two - three large packages of candies. My many guests and employees were very pleased, as they liked to had a cup of coffee with «Roshen» of all kinds and varieties.

«Dead sea»

Almost two weeks had passed since the beginning of Russia-Belarus potash scandal. It's not enough time to obtain the maximum amount of internal and external information about the collapse of the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) and to separate the objective causes of the crisis from the volume of politicized spam.

It won't be sweet: Russia - Ukraine economic divorce. What will it bring to the Kremlin?

Kiev's refusal from full participation in the Customs union may lead to a series of trade conflicts. In July 2013 Ukrainian sweetmeats, produced by ​​famous confectionery concern "Roshen", became a symbol of the growing problems in Russian-Ukrainian relations. Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service, after the sweetmeats in early August, conducted the test of Ukrainian cookies.

Fifth term. Part 2

As we noted in the previous part, the Kremlin has a key to the fifth term presidential term of Alexander Lukashenko. The Kremlin, under the guise of that notorious turtle Tortilla, can give Lukashenko - Pinocchio "golden key", that will provide his power over the republic until the end of the second decade of the XXI century. However, if Lukashenko wants to get this «key», he should agree to fulfill  obviously impracticable for him condition - full participation of the Republic of Belarus in the Eurasian integration.

Fifth term

The next presidential "elections" in Belarus will take place in 875 days. Is it another landmark in the political history of the Belarusian State? The elections always attract attention of the society, sometimes obviously unfair attention, as there are no more momentous political events in Belarus.

Currency timer

Monetary and financial fuss, which is actively demonstrated by the representatives of the Belarusian regime, is coming to a logical end. At the beginning of the ruble-dollar serial, the main characters - M. Miasnikovich, P. Prokopovich, N. Ermakova, according to the approved schedule (once a week), assured the people that dollars and Euros are in excess.  Then in June the Belarusian President joined this play in the style of "Everything is well, beautiful marquise". But any serial comes to an end sooner or later.