It’s time to sum it up

An immediate question: Is not it too soon? And why now, early in May? The political spring season is not over yet. There are plenty of domestic policy issues in the Republic of Belarus yet to come, but, examining the political and economic landscape of the republic, which resembles Spanish Guernica after the bombing, there is a feeling that Belarus, which we are accustomed to over Lukashenko’s rule, had gone forever. The place for that time is only in a school history textbook for secondary schools, in the section "Belarus under the first President of Belarus."

End of the political season

Belarus is celebrationing. Republic is singing and dancing. The authorities carefully create the impression that the country is okay.

While this all happening, spring-summer political season slowly but steadily goes to an end. Due to the silent protests, it is already delayed. Population is falling into the struggle for the harvest, which in the current crisis situation is equivalent to the struggle for survival. Authorities and their opponents are summing up the results trying to find out who won the first phase of the "War for Belarus."

Cops and robbers

Something special is going on in Belarus. The fact is that up to December 2010 the Republic was an excellent example of authoritarianism for political science course for higher education. The regime of Alexander Lukashenko has passed all classical stages during its strengthening. Moreover, after getting on an authoritarian rut in 1996, Belarusian leadership has proved to be quite simple for forecasting and simple programming. But now the regime stumbled ...

Задание на осень 2011 (II часть)

The keyboard automatically displays title:  "Autumn political season has begun in a complex political and socio-economic conditions" ... But when these conditions were not complicated for the republic? Entire presidency of Alexander Lukashenko the country is constantly overcoming something with slogans that it is difficult now, but it will be much better in the future. By the way, this demagogy of Alexander Lukashenko is a creative development of the Maoist slogan "Three years of hard work - ten thousand years of happiness." Belarusians were promised "hundreds of new industries," then "hundreds of agro-towns", new technologies, developed only on the basis of a single competitive advantage of the Belarusian people - their intellect. They don’t promise inflation, foreign exchange deficit, meat deficit, but somehow it all comes and happens for whatever objective and inexorable law, over which Belarusian authorities have no control.

Autumn assignment 2011 (Part 1)

Migrating birds from Belarus are starting their long way to the south. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of seasonal migrant workers from Belarus are heading to the east, north and west.

Tens of thousands of Belarusian students are beginning their studying in universities and colleges from Moscow to Dublin. They study there because of the political reasons, there was no room in domestic universities or they want to have a real education.

Antagonistic Belarus

In the first decade of July in Belarus and Russia went public the results of a survey which was conducted by the Fund “Public Opinion” within Russian borders. The people were asked about their attitudes of the citizens towards other countries. The results were fascinating: almost 2 decades of bilateral relations between the two countries resulted into the fact that Belarus is considered to be a hostile state by 2% of the respondents.