Lessons of Maidan

Last week resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has instantly changed the political situation in Kiev. In fact, resignation of the Ukrainian Prime Minister gave Viktor Yanukovych additional political maneuver and he actually developed this theme after the proposal to Arseniy Yatsenyuk to take the post of the Prime minister. But there are no one-sided processes in politics: on the one hand, negotiations between the Ukrainian leadership and its opponents from Maidan on the issue of compromises  and agreements allowed to overshadow the requirements of Maidan on the early presidential elections. On the other hand, Viktor Yanukovych has made some consessions and that put into question the preservation of the power in his hands.

Anniversary Year

In Soviet times, just after the New Year celebrations, in the morning of January 1 Cuban theme was predominate issue on all TV channels. Like in the best traditions of proletarian internationalism, when the USSR commemorated the next anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution, associated with the capture of Havana by Fidel Castro's rebels on January 1, 1959. In this case, of course, the authorities hidden the fact that Fidel was not a communist in those years. Only Fidel's brother Raul (the current head of Cuba) and Che Guevara considered themselves communists.

Lessons of the year for the authorities and the people

As scientists say, memory is a complex system of interrelated physical and chemical processes. At the same time, memory is very difficult «issue», that has its own, obviously sovereign life. So, sometimes the attempts to «stretch memory» are not successful,  quite often the sought information is unattainable, but rather lost in the maze of your own memory.

Ukrainian ballet

Events in neighboring Ukraine began to acquire the character of the modern Ukrainian epos, reformatted in the multi- historical series, oversaturated with political nightmares and fears. Events in Kiev remind us a remake of the first Soviet horror film «Viy», a story by Nikolay Gogol, written in its time on the base of Ukrainian folklore.  There can be little changes in the new scenario: Viktor Yanukovych in the role of seminarian Khoma Brut, who is reading the Association Agreement with the European Union in the church, periodically jouking from flying in a blue coffin Pannochka - Yulia Tymoshenko. It would be unfair not to mention in the remake numerous vampires and ghouls, who take the political scene in order to spoil Khoma's mood. Manuel Barroso could successfully replace Viy and appeared at the right moment with yelling «Raise my eaves!».

Potash year - a symbol of miseries

2013 will come down in the history of Russian-Belarusian relations as a «potash year». There is no doubt that the potash crisis, that gradually turned into a real potash war on world markets, will be a stage of the new history of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, as well as Eurasian integration.

Belarusian interception

Belarus President continues to travel around the country, visiting enterprises, organizations and rendering justice at the local level. Externally these movements are similar to walking of the Kievan princes to «poliudie». In those distant times, it was practically impossible to deliver tribute to the prince's palace because of the bad roads, but in the late autumn, when the cold paralyzed dirt roads and ice appeared on the rivers, the prince and his entourage left the capital city and began a nomadic life, collecting a tribute from the subjected territories. Sometimes consuming it together with his men on the spot collection, at the same time robbing and raping the population of cities and villages.

«Beat the dog before the lion»

On Friday, November 8 Alexander Lukashenko played a full staff performance in his traditional television manner. Of course, another farce attracted the attention of millions of citizens of the Republic of Belarus. Well-known people were the «victims» this time: Boris Batura, Andrei Tur, Vladimir Semashko and Andrei Kobyakov, who joined them against his will. However, it was not a great sensation and the news did not go ouside the Belarusian information area.

Oil for integration

The meeting of the Eurasian highest Economic Council  in Minsk on October 24 did not set new strategic goals and objectives of the integration project. Financial and resource problem was the main theme of the summit: oil for integration. Astana's main goal within the Eurasian integration is to get access to world energy markets, but Minsk has more brutal goal. It was necessary to force Russia to free Belarus from payment export duty to the Russian budget for petroleum products produced from Russian oil. Formal price tag - $ 4 billion, which would remain in the Belarusian budget from January 1, 2015.

Minsk secrets

For some reason everything is tightened, frozen in expectation of something. Something strange and weird, but invisible is hanging over Minsk... The first feeling is that everyone got tired of waiting for something terrible: devaluation, debt default, new troubles in the subway, rising prices for food and tickets, closing the western border. People are not surprised, ready for everything. The second feeling: the Belarusian authorities are in a search of political provocation in order to solve at least some problems.


Domestic political arena of any country always has fringe politicians, who are making the name on the scandalous statements and non-trivial political steps. There is no doubt that these political clowns are necessary, as they attract people's attention to the political life. In addition, the government, acting as a positive and moderate-conservative legitimate leaders of the country, may promote itself against the background of provocative statements of the political fringe. Such politicians are the indicators of the presence of a marginal part of the society, the growth or reduction of lumpen elements, liable to radical provocative policy...